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ThermiVA for Incontinence

african american woman with her baby

Urinary incontinence is something lots of women fear every time they feel a sneeze coming on, cough or laugh. Incontinence also affects women while exercising or while performing any activity that involves jumping or bouncing. Surprisingly, women of all ages can experience incontinence. However, for most women, this normally happens post-pregnancy or during menopause. Incontinence […]

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ThermiVA For Post Pregnancy

ThermiVA for vaginal restoration after childbirth

Vaginal Tightening After Giving Birth Women’s bodies go through one of the greatest transformations during pregnancy and delivery. Almost everything changes both physically and emotionally. Women have to go through watching their hips widen, feet grow larger, getting bigger breasts, and having stretched skin. During vaginal birth, some women have a more difficult delivery based […]

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Sexual Health: The 101 on HIV Transmission

Because having sex shouldn’t mean anything else Remember Mean Girls, anyone? Although pop culture has helped to ease some of the stigma on talking about such taboo subjects, there’s still a lot left to learn about sexual health. With 50,000 people becoming infected by HIV—the human immunodeficiency virus—it’s something worth talking about. We’ve got you […]

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Unusual Sex: Is it Normal to Like…?

What does “50 Shades of Grey,” Rihanna, and Eyes Wide Shut have in common? Let’s Talk About Sex   In the past decade or two, you may have noticed changes happening in the culture of sex and how we view it. Just like our idea of what beauty is has changed in the last century, […]

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Why is Sex Painful for Some Women?

Let’s talk about everyone’s favorite subject: sex. Sex is supposed to feel great—mind-numbingly great. After all, isn’t that the kind of sex people write novels about? It can be devastating when it isn’t like that at all, but it’s important to remember it’s not your fault. Painful intercourse is also called dyspareunia, and can be […]

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Intercourse After Delivery

news parents with newborn baby

During delivery, many of your vaginal tissues are stretched and often torn. Your cervix dilates and often undergoes a certain amount of trauma. It takes approximately 6 weeks for your uterus, cervix, and vaginal tissues to return to their normal pre-pregnant state. Because of this, your physician will probably ask you to wait for six […]

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Inhibited Sexual Desire

women with low libido

What is inhibited sexual desire? Also called hypoactive sexual desire, sexual apathy, sexual aversion, and loss of libido. A lack of interest or aversion to sex that may have either physical or emotional causes. What are the symptoms of inhibited sexual desire? People with inhibited sexual desire exhibit a low level of desire that may […]

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