Libido Issues

Many physical and emotional factors interplay when it comes to female sexuality. Our team at Walnut Hill wants you to know talking about sexual dysfunction is always a welcome conversation.

Identifying the root cause of low libido

Most any libido issue has its cause somewhere. A diagnostic evaluation including a detailed history and blood work lays the groundwork for effective treatment of any libido issue or low sex drive. Stress, depression or other mood disorders, low testosterone or other hormonal imbalances, even nutritional and lifestyle choices can be factors. However, there may be an underlying medical condition that is causing sexual dysfunction. Looking and addressing these issues may help you regain your libido.

Solutions and treatment for low sex drive

Once we have identified what may cause the problem, we can address your libido issues through a variety of pharmacologic and hormonal treatments. Should you need a counseling referral, we have a network of excellent specialists in this field.

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