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Menstrual Issues & Treatment for Heavy Periods

Every woman’s period is different, but some women have a more difficult time than others. Yet, many Dallas women are not aware that there are solutions. We specialize in the diagnosis of irregular, absent or heavy periods because only if you understand the cause you can address the issue.

Identifying the cause

Abnormal, heavy periods and menstrual bleeding can be caused by many factors including hormonal imbalances, infections, problems with blood clotting, growths, certain types of cancer, chronic medical problems or even pregnancy. We will evaluate your health history and conduct a comprehensive exam to get to the cause of the problem.

Abnormal or Heavy Period Treatment Options

From the prescription of hormones (like birth control pills or progesterone) to antibiotics for infections, at Walnut Hill OBGYN Associates, we help women find solutions. Treatments include all types of hormonal manipulation for either enhancing ovulation and fertility or eliminating menses.

Some women with heavy periods might need surgery to remove growths like polyps or fibroids that cause heavy menstrual bleeding. Surgery may be an option when other solutions have failed and the problem is serious enough to require it.  We offer a full suite of surgical options from Novasure endometrial ablation to minimally invasive hysterectomy, both Total Laparoscopic, Hysterectomy and Laparoscopic Supracervical Hysterectomy.

Don’t Suffer from Heavy Periods

Talking to your doctor can help you make an informed, careful decision about how to eliminate your heavy periods. The doctors at Dallas Walnut Hill OBGYN Associates work with women just like you every day; let us help you bring an end to this problem. Call us at (214) 363-7801 today to make an appointment.