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How Deliveries Have Changed Over the Years

father holding newborn baby black and white

Here at Walnut Hill, our staff has been in practice for over 100 years combined. With that experience comes stories of lives changed, countless procedures, and even seeing how deliveries have changed over the years. In this video, we interview Dr. John Bertrand, who is in his 38th year of practice as an OBGYN physician, […]

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Pregnancy Diary: About Samantha

Samantha Allen is 25 years old and has been happily married for four years. Samantha works part-time as a Children’s Choir Director. Fortunately, her job is flexible enough to allow her to take her baby to work with her. Though she comes from a very large family, Samantha and her husband plan to have only […]

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Breastfeeding after a Cesarean

woman breastfeeding her baby

Having a cesarean birth will not affect your body’s ability to produce breast milk. Just as in a vaginal delivery, the normal hormonal process that stimulates milk production begins as soon as the placenta is removed from the uterus. If your cesarean delivery is planned, you can prepare ahead of time by discussing your desire […]

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