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Pregnancy Diary: About Samantha

Pregnancy Diary: About Samantha

Samantha Allen is 25 years old and has been happily married for four years. Samantha works part-time as a Children’s Choir Director. Fortunately, her job is flexible enough to allow her to take her baby to work with her.

Though she comes from a very large family, Samantha and her husband plan to have only 2 or 3 children – of course that may all change, depending on how this pregnancy goes.

Thus far, her pregnancy has been fairly typical. The first trimester wasn’t nearly as bad as Samantha had anticipated. Morning sickness wasn’t a problem – it was evening sickness that plagued her the most. Fatigue was also a complaint, but lots of naps helped her survive. Frequent nosebleeds, usually in the mornings, still continue into her second trimester. Surprisingly, nosebleeds are a normal complaint of pregnancy because of changes in circulation due to increased levels of hormones during pregnancy. This can cause the mucuous membranes of the nose to swell and bleed.

Follow Samantha’s progress to first time motherhood as she reveals all her hopes and fears in her weekly diary. These weekly updates contain everything pertaining to a first time pregnancy, from doctor visits to the baby’s progression – even homecoming preparations! Because this is Samantha’s first pregnancy she’s certain to have questions, so be sure to post your comments and advice in the Pregnant for the First Time discussion group.