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Cancer: Dealing With Insurance And Home Health Care Concerns

The financial impact of cancer is one the most stressful aspects of this illness. Below are some issues that may arise, with ideas on how to deal with them. INSURANCE “Will my insurance cover cancer treatment?” People who had health and life insurance before treatment generally are able to keep it, although costs and benefits […]

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Bone Marrow Transplant

About bone marrow transplant A bone marrow transplant is a surgical procedure to transplant healthy bone marrow to a patient with deficient bone marrow function (usually due to chemotherapy or radiation treatment for cancer). Bone marrow is a soft, fatty tissue found in bones that produces red and white blood cells. If a patient develops […]

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Many medical conditions, including all cases of cancer, must be diagnosed by removing a sample of tissue from the patient and sending it to a pathologist for examination. This procedure is called a biopsy and involves a microscopic examination of the tissue sample. Biopsied specimens are obtained by a doctor and sent for examination to […]

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Treatments for Atypical Moles

Atypical moles, also called Clark’s nevi or dysplastic nevi, are moles that are considered to be more likely to turn into melanoma than regular moles. Melanoma is a deadly form of skin cancer which kills quickly if not removed in time. These precancerous moles appear very similar to melanoma and feature an irregular border, slight […]

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