What You Need to Know When Going Off the Pill

Whether you’ve been on birth control pills for just a few months or are a dedicated user of a decade or more, your body will likely need time to adjust once you stop. From wildly fluctuating hormones to a return to whatever your pre-pill menstrual cycle looked like, the symptoms you’ll experience can vary widely. […]

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Birth Control Side Effects: When Enough is Enough

Birth control got you down? You don’t want children just yet, but you don’t want to be stuck with cramps and vomiting, either. Enter: birth control. After a long, laborious process of choosing the method that best fits your lifestyle and needs, you’re content to think it’s going to be puppies and kittens from now […]

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Choosing a Contraceptive

Choosing a method of birth control is a highly personal decision, based on individual preferences, medical history, lifestyle, and other factors. Each method carries with it a number of risks and benefits of which the user should be aware. Each method of birth control has a failure rate–an inability to prevent pregnancy over a 1-year […]

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