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Walnut Hill’s Own Katie Neely Shares Her Pregnancy Story

Walnut Hill’s Own Katie Neely Shares Her Pregnancy Story

katie neely and her husband

Katie Neely is a women’s health nurse practitioner at Walnut Hill. She spends her days at the office guiding patients through the entire pregnancy process. However, this past year, Neely’s role was reversed as she became the patient while expecting her first child. Our very own Dr. Julie Hagood and Dr. Jane Nokleberg helped her deliver a healthy 7-pound, 14-ounce baby girl named Mary Henley­ – Henley for short.

Neely delivered Henley via a scheduled cesarean procedure at the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas, where she previously spent eight years as a labor and delivery nurse. Neely was happy to have her former work family around to help welcome her new baby girl into the world.

“I had a great experience,” Neely says, “It was comforting to be in the same place I worked for so long. The biggest eye opener for me was the wave of emotions I experienced, I was so nervous and excited at the same time, and I knew that everyone in the room feels the same emotions right along with you. It was so nice to be able to relate to that.”

During her time as a labor and delivery nurse, Neely explains how she remembered trying to be empathetic and reassuring to her patients. “I am so glad that I did that,” Katie says, “I am glad I was able to accommodate families and help to keep them calm and comfortable, which is exactly what I wanted as a patient.”

Neely’s top priority as a nurse practitioner at Walnut Hill is to be a resource for her patients. Neely says, “I’m a teammate during my patients’  pregnancies. I like to let them know that I’ll be readily available for them and work them in whenever they need to come in for a visit.”

Now, Neely can relate to her patients on a more personal level with Henley being her first baby. “Being a nurse and having a child makes me a better nurse practitioner,” Neely says.

“Having a child changes your entire perspective, and my patients feel comforted that they have someone helping them that has gone through the same thing.

Katie’s Child

It is truly a bonding experience. The biggest advice I can give is just to enjoy your maternity time,” says Neely. “Your baby is only this teeny tiny for a short while. The lack of sleep and frustrations are only temporary, just hold tight–it won’t always be like this.” The Walnut Hill staff was happy to meet Henley in person. She has become like a little mascot at the office and is taken care of every minute while she’s here. “Everyone at Walnut Hill really goes above and beyond to make sure patients have the best experience, the best pregnancy, and the best care.” Neely says, “I can vouch for that.”

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