Creative Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy on Facebook

Creative Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy on Facebook

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We are suckers when it comes to a good pregnancy announcement on Facebook. Whether it’s creative photos of families, pets or props, we have seen some great pregnancy announcements. We’ve put together a few of our favorites for expecting families.

Get creative with your photos

creative-pregnancy-announcement-card-safety pins

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This photo has had more than 866,000 views and really shows just how creative parents-to-be can get when it comes to announcing a pregnancy. This family announced their third child with this creative safety pin idea. How adorable!

Expectant Mothers Parking Spot Pregnancy Announcement

Photo Source: Little Hiccups

We love photos that incorporate things you see every day, but in the right context, can make the perfect photo to announce your pregnancy. We also like the similar “Bump Ahead” signs that couples incorporate into their photos.

Have some humor with your significant other

prego baby announcement


We’re sure you have seen one of these on Facebook, but we just couldn’t resist. A simple jar of Prego can set the stage for an inexpensive, creative way to announce your pregnancy. We will never look at a jar of Prego spaghetti sauce the same way again.

Bun in the oven pregnancy announcement

Photo source: egraynotes

Playing with the popular pregnancy phrase “bun in the oven” is one of our favorite ideas. You can also put a vintage spin on your photos with old-fashioned aprons.  Also, check out this video of a son hiding a bun in an oven to reveal their pregnancy to his mother, and try not to laugh and cry at the same time.

Parenthood coming July 2015 movie poster


If you’re feeling really crafty, make a movie poster to announce your arrival. Display your fun personality and show some real truths to come in coming months.

Get your props ready

pregnancy-announcement- coffee-cups

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Sometimes it’s all about the props. This photo is simple and unique, especially if you’re a couple who enjoys coffee together. We have also seen photos where the center cup was a bottle or a Starbucks cup.

baby-news-math- 1 +1= 3

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Chalkboards are great for photos because the possibilities are endless. We like this picture of a creative math equation. If you’re expecting your second or third child, you can incorporate the whole family into the equation. Also, you can use chalk backgrounds to add an extra creative element to tell a story.

Incorporate your pets

Golden retriever reads baby books for baby announcement

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Incorporate your furry family members in the announcement. We just love this photo of a golden retriever reading a big brother book. You can also use a ‘What to Expect When You’re Expecting’ book or use a chalkboard with a funny caption. Here’s another one of our favorites.

Play a prank

Were sure you’ve seen the April Fools’ Day pregnancy posts on Facebook. However, in this case, it was actually true. We reached out to popular Dallas mommy blogger Jennifer Land, who is listed as a member of the top Dallas blogs on Jennifer told us her unique pregnancy announcement when she posted this ultrasound photo on April Fools’ Day:

Jenn Land's Ultrasound

Turns out, half of her followers thought she was joking, and the other half thought she was serious. She kept them in suspense until the next day when she posted this adorable photo of her family to confirm the news.

Jenn Land's baby announcement

“There are so many awesome ideas out there, but the timing was just perfect this time,” Land says. Read the rest of her blog announcement here and follow up with her gender reveal to her family.

We hope these pregnancy announcements give you some ideas on how to announce your big news. Feel free to share them with us on Facebook, we would love to see them! If you’re looking for an OB for your pregnancy, call us today to set up your appointment.