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Amniotic Constriction Bands

Amniotic Constriction Bands

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What are Amniotic Constriction Bands?

Amniotic Constriction Bands are created with the placenta (amnion) is damaged during pregnancy and produces fibrous bands that can entrap the fetus—thereby causing deformities of the face, abdominal or chest walls, club foot, or missing limbs or digits. Also known as Amniotic Band Dysruption Sequence Syndrome.

What are the symptoms?

Symptoms include permanent bands or indentions around limbs or digits, facial clefts, abdominal or chest wall defects, or amputated digits or limbs in utero.

What causes Amniotic Constriction Bands?

Fibrous bands can develop in the uterus during pregnancy and wrap around the fetus. As the fetus grows and develops, the bands tighten and can cause defects to the spine, lungs, face, skull, and abdominal and chest walls, as well as “naturally” amputate fingers, toes, arms, or legs before birth.

How are Amniotic Constriction Bands diagnosed?

Amniotic Band Constriction, in some cases can be detected in the womb by chronic leakage of amniotic fluid and abnormally decreased fetal movement.

How is Amniotic Band Constriction treated?

Interventions are specific to varied symptoms. After birth, cosmetic surgery can correct the appearance of face and limbs.

Thomas G. Stovall, M.D.
Dr. Stovall is a Clinical Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center in Memphis, Tennessee and Partner of Women’s Health Specialists, Inc.