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Tubal Sterilization, Adiana & Essure at Walnut Hill OBGYN Dallas

Tubal sterilization including Adiana are options for Dallas womenTubal sterilization is a common permanent birth control choice for Dallas women who do not want to have any more children.

Sterilization is permanent birth control; such a decision should be made carefully in consultation with your Walnut Hill Dallas OBGYN . The physicians at Walnut Hill OBGYN Associates are equipped to help their patients make informed, educated decisions about tubal sterilizations and permanent birth control. Because every woman’s situation is unique and different, the approach to this choice will be unique and different for every patient.

Kinds of Tubal Sterilizations

Walnut Hill OBGYN Associates offer a variety of options for tubal sterilization, including:

  • Laparoscopic bilateral tubal sterilization: In this outpatient surgical procedure, your Walnut Hill OBGYN doctor inserts instruments into your abdomen through very small incisions. He or she permanently closes the fallopian tubes, so eggs will no longer meet sperm for fertilization. This is usually an outpatient procedure, and recovery takes only a few days.
  • Essure and Adiana: Essure and Adiana products are inserts that permanently block your fallopian tubes and stimulate them to close, so you cannot become pregnant after the initial closure period. These procedures are performed in our Dallas OBGYN office. You must continue to rely on your old birth control method for three months until we confirm closure of the fallopian tubes.

If you’re in Dallas and considering a tubal sterilization, laser laparoscopy, Adiana, Essure, or some other form of permanent birth control, contact our office at (214) 363-7801 to learn more about your options.