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Birth Control Options for Women over 40

Over 40 and considering birth control? You have options. If you’re over 40, most likely your kids are grown or out of the house – and birth control is the furthest thing from your mind. While it’s true that fertility declines with age, women are not infertile until they enter menopause; in fact, it’s not … Read

A New Kind of Resolution for 2013: Stay Informed About Your Health

Cervical cancer is, like all diseases, something you should watch for year-round. But a new year and a new season mean a fresh start – and a renewal of resolutions we’ve made and not kept in past years. Everyone at Walnut Hill will tell you that one of the best promises you can make is one to yourself: a promise to maintain and pay attention to your gynecological health.

Breast Density: the Most Recent Mammogram Technology

“Are you dense?” That’s not a question you’d want to hear…well, ever. It’s also the name of a new campaign to increase women’s awareness of their breast type. The higher a woman’s breast density, the more likely it is that breast cancer won’t be easily identifiable with mammography.


Location – Meadow Lab B&C Price – $100.00 (Price per couple) This class is a two day series, meeting on Mondays and Tuesdays. The class includes topics offered in our Basics of Babycare, Infant and Child CPR and Basic First Aid classes. Babycare topics include: *Bathing *Diapering *Daily babycare tips *Health and safety tips The … Read

World Breastfeeding Week

If you love your mother, food, and babies, you should know: World Breastfeeding Week is almost here! August 1 – 7 marks the 21st annual World Breastfeeding Week. In 1991, the World Alliance for Breastfeeding Action (WABA) was formed to act on the 1990 Innocenti Declaration “to protect, promote, and support” breastfeeding. Initially, WABA wanted … Read

Breast Cancer Awareness for the Whole Year

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but increasing awareness and education is a year-round pursuit. Women in the U.S. get breast cancer more than any other kind of cancer except for skin cancer, even though breast cancer awareness has become a standard part of health education. And breast cancer doesn’t target a certain group … Read

Ovarian Cancer Prevention: It’s All About Awareness

Ovarian cancer is sneaky. Its first symptoms are easily mistaken for common gastro-intestinal problems, and it’s hard to diagnose with tests until its middle stages. The best method of prevention is increasing awareness of the disease so that women are able to recognize symptoms and risk factors and seek a doctor’s advice early on.

Coital Incontinence Can Have a Significant Impact on a Woman’s Life

Coital incontinence, also commonly called coital urinary incontinence, is a disorder of the pelvic floor muscles. Around 20-35% of women experience this embarrassing dysfunction even though it is likely that this number is much higher in reality. Due to the highly embarrassing nature of the subject many cases are most likely not reported. Coital incontinence … Read

Woman stays in the game with minimally invasive OBGYN procedure

Karen Pharis’ active lifestyle became noticeably restricted 18 months ago. The 45-year-old lost her stamina for rigorous tennis, nor was she able to prepare patients for surgery in her job as a nurse. “For two days out of every month my activities were interrupted,” she says. “The bleeding was an inconvenience but more than that, … Read

A Balanced Look at the Menstrual Cycle

Some young women feel it coming days before they get it. Others are hardly aware they have it. Friends who compare notes about their periods will probably find that menstruation–the monthly shedding of the lining of the uterus, or womb-affects each of them a little differently, both physically and emotionally. “The menstrual cycle has its … Read