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Unusual Sex: Is it Normal to Like…?

What does “50 Shades of Grey,” Rihanna, and Eyes Wide Shut have in common? Let’s Talk About Sex   In the past decade or two, you may have noticed changes happening in the culture of sex and how we view it. Just like our idea of what beauty is has changed in the last century, … Read

Gateway Drugs and Other Nightmares: What Your Doctor Isn’t Telling You

Painkillers for your post-surgery or the gateway to addiction? Between the movement to legalize marijuana and beloved actor Phillip Seymour Hoffman’s death last week, the use of narcotics in America has certainly come into focus. Although everyone remembers the D.A.R.E. talks from grade school, the reality of drug use is much darker than you may … Read

Banged Up and Bruised: What the Super Bowl Can Tell You about Your Brain

Just how strong is the connection between mental health and concussions? With the Super Bowl just a few short days away, many of you are preparing your living room for a hungry, rowdy crowd. You’ve spent the last week planning a trip to the grocery store for snacks, and gently placing a hold on all … Read

Gynecologists Now Treating Men: Pelvic Pain

You read that right—but what’s the deal with your man and the gyno? When you’re in the waiting room, flipping through copies of People and Elle and preparing yourself for the check-up that no woman particularly enjoys, the last thing you’d expect is to see men waiting on either side of you. With a new … Read

Not Your Mother’s Birth Control: IUDs and What You Need to Know

Thinking about an IUD? Let us help. It’s no secret that navigating birth control options can be terrifying: each body is built differently, meaning what works for your best friend, your mother, or even what worked for you in the past may not work for you now. If you’ve been considering the IUD—an intra-uterine device—there … Read

The Post-Pregnancy Selfie: Why Fitness Isn’t Universal

Alright, let’s see a show of hands—who’s guilty of a selfie here or there? Since being added to the dictionary this year, there’s been a lot of commotion regarding the simple act of taking a picture of yourself. Perhaps the biggest wave came when celebrities everywhere began posting pictures of their post-pregnancy bodies on social … Read

Pregnancy After a Miscarriage

Once they find out they’re pregnant, many first-time moms-to-be get swept into a whirlwind of excitement. Having a baby, especially a first one, is pretty awesome after all. While they always wonder if they’ll be great parents, for most of them, the fear of miscarriage isn’t part of the picture. But miscarriage does happen. According … Read

What You Need to Know When Going Off the Pill

Whether you’ve been on birth control pills for just a few months or are a dedicated user of a decade or more, your body will likely need time to adjust once you stop. From wildly fluctuating hormones to a return to whatever your pre-pill menstrual cycle looked like, the symptoms you’ll experience can vary widely. … Read

Lift Heavy Stuff, Pump Up Your Bone Strength

By now you should be no stranger to osteoporosis: the disease that affects the bones by stripping them of their strength and density, leading to approximately 1.5 million fractures each year. With over 9 million women diagnosed already, just knowing osteoporosis exists isn’t enough. But how do you begin fighting a battle that’s been going … Read

Can Stress Inhibit Your Fertility?

Once you’ve decided you’re ready for a child, nothing can be more frustrating than the months going by and failing to receive a positive pregnancy test. After you’ve tried the internet remedies, your mother’s suggestions, and spent a little time crying in the bathroom, you’re probably at your wit’s end. But what if the problem … Read

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