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Feeling Frisky? The Truth Behind Your Sex Drive

What did your mama really give you?   We all know what the textbooks say: men have higher sex drives and they can be turned on at the drop of a hat. But what if everything we’ve known about our libidos has been slightly off-center? That’s right—new studies are showing that there’s more to learn … Read

When Hungry Becomes Hangry: How Hunger Affects the Body

This isn’t a joke For most of you, this probably isn’t a new term: you’ve seen it on the internet, in the funny e-cards circling the office, and you’ve even joked about it with your girlfriends. But this isn’t a joke: you have become so hungry that it’s affecting your mood. What else can hunger … Read

Healthcare Connections: Keri and Pace Tonn

A story to make you go “awww” Once the sniffles go away and you’re not wondering what on earth is making your back ache, you may not think about your doctor. In fact, when you’re leaving to pick up your prescriptions, you’ve already forgotten about the person hard at work behind you. Sometimes, however, extraordinary … Read

Naturally Improving Circulation During Pregnancy

Improve the flow without affecting the cargo It’s no secret that your body is undergoing some serious changes during the nine months it takes to create a baby, but you may not realize the effect it has on your health.  While you know about the swelling and the potential hair loss, your circulation often falls … Read

Medical Milestone: The Eradication of Polio

The ending of an era There’s a lot to taking care of your baby: check-ups, allergy tests, vaccinations. But have you ever stopped to think about what all of those shots are really for? With India, the world’s second most populous nation behind China, reaching a medical milestone this week, it’s worth taking a closer … Read

Sexual Health: The 101 on HIV Transmission

Because having sex shouldn’t mean anything else Remember Mean Girls, anyone? Although pop culture has helped to ease some of the stigma on talking about such taboo subjects, there’s still a lot left to learn about sexual health. With 50,000 people becoming infected by HIV—the human immunodeficiency virus—it’s something worth talking about. We’ve got you … Read

Back to the Future: Predicting the Onset of Alzheimer’s

You don’t need Marty McFly to answer this one for you! Alzheimer’s—it’s a scary and often misunderstood word. You probably know that it’s appeared in movies like The Notebook, or that it renders your memory helpless, but did you know it’s also the sixth leading cause of death within the United States? Despite its prevalence, … Read

Mean Girls or Our Own Worst Enemies: The Psychology of Promiscuity and Slut-Shaming

Why you want to scream, “You can’t sit with us!” Whether or not you happen to have a uterus, it’s no secret that sometimes women can be especially catty towards each other. Bullying doesn’t just end on the playground for most women, but carries long into adulthood. From clothes and friends to uncontrollable things like … Read

Period Syncing: Myth or Medical Mystery?

Because you never go it alone You’ve heard the myth: whether in friend groups, at work, or even in your dorm, your period—and the periods of the females around you—may begin to sync up. Is it any coincidence when Jennifer from two cubicles down has to ask you for a tampon the same day you … Read

Sex and Emotion: Why a One Night Stand Isn’t For One Night

Because your brain can be as bad as your heart You know what we mean: you’ve heard the stereotypical statements about how women always appear to “catch feelings” after having sex. But how much truth is there in the cliché? We’re going to answer that, as well as some other questions you may have about … Read

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